Friday, August 22, 2008

A week or two ago

It is August 22 and this is my first entry of the month! Pregnancy sure is all consuming! I'm even getting a little bored talking about it! I can't imagine how everyone else feels listening to me.

Last Saturday night we went to the Square Foot Exhibit reception. It was lovely, although I was more excited about the works last year.

(Hubby in the red hat)

I last about an hour at the show before I had to find a place to sit down. We enjoyed this mango & something cheese cake at a place just south of the gallery. Rich & yummy!

And, yes, I am still riding my bike! I love it! It is SO much easier to ride than to walk. Here we are just about to cycle home:

About a week or two ago I discovered that washing the dishes has become uncomfortable due to my tummy squishing into the counter. Hubby says it isn't because of my pregnant tummy, but because of my shortness 'disability'. Ha ha. Anyway, here's a cute picture of my solution. (Thanks to good friend G for sewing this beautiful dress for me!)

A couple of weeks ago we had a few friends over for a BBQ. Of course we were rained out and had to settle for the living and dining room. Here is my wonderful little friend M showing off her super cool poncho just before going home! Mom, K, is in the background.

I have finished a lovely knitted baby hat, but the pictures I've taken suck. You'll have to wait for another day to see the cutesy hat. I will also have some wool booties finished this weekend to show off. Stay tuned!

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