Friday, September 26, 2008

First day of maternity leave

This wasn't actually taken this morning... earlier this week actually, but Hubby and I think it is pretty hilarious! I'm a big, plush, rolling mass of baby belly. It's great!

Today has been a good day, despite sleeping only about 4 hours last night. It started with some yummy treats at Pain Perdu and got even better when both of my hips adjusted at the chiropractor. How sweet that felt! My chiropractor is so excited and supportive of my pregnancy. She's committed to keeping my pelvis all loosey goosey for the big day. She rocks!

After some quickie house cleaning and left over Chinese take-out lunch, I headed off to Macklem's to buy our Zooper Waltz stroller before meeting my friend at Hoopla around the corner. Hoopla was nice. Roomy aisles for strollers, nursing and play area, door prizes and great vendors. I bought a pair of Lino Thai Pants that grow with baby from 4 - 18 months (maybe more if your kid is small). I also picked up a very lovely blue-grey silk remnant scarf for myself.

As I was dropping off my friend in the east end, Hubby called to say, 'The Monkey Doodlez have landed!'. I had called Baby on the Hip this morning to inquire about waterproof travel diaper sacs for getting our used cloth diapers home from excursions. They recommended the Monkey Doodlez sac since it has a zipper. They said they would call when their shipment arrived. How convenient that it came in while I was on that side of town! I zipped over there and scooped the sac, plus a couple more Apple Cheeks diaper covers, and the irresistible Baby Legs in Phinney and Marco.

First day of maternity leave turned into super-cool-baby-stuff day!

As an aside, check out the icing baby booties on this baby shower cake! These aren't made of that hard meringue. They are pure, soft, sweet icing! Thanks to Big Sis, friend, and Mom for a great shower last week, complete with old family friends from 20+ years ago. Some of the women who came have known me my entire life. It was a lovely afternoon.

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