Friday, September 19, 2008

Funny how Zen helps

After getting Zen about things, all plans for Wednesday changed! Midwife had to postpone and then cancel due to another family's baby arriving. Massage therapist very courteously called to say she had a bit of a cold and perhaps we should postpone to Saturday. So, Hubby and I both took off for work. I ended up having a super productive afternoon and finishing 90% of my paperwork! Thanks, Zen!

Today I am off work, but will stop in to pick up a few remaining personal items. I am scheduled to be there next week, but I'm wondering if Babe will be early, so I'm getting ready.

Well, plans for today: kitchen reno quote appointment this morning (don't get too excited, now... it's just a quote for future reference), then drop off Hubby at work. I shall do blissful solo errands (ie. Goodwill/Value Village hunt) for a few remaining birthing items. I need a throw away mattress cover, in case a leak all over our beautiful bed. And some other things...

Later 'gaters!

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PsychoJenic said...

An old shower curtain will do the job of mattress protection, just put it under some toss away sheets. I'm so excited!