Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Got Zen

Midwife home visit is happening today! I'm looking forward to it, even though I know that she has to give us the 'serious talk' about circumstances that would likely lead to transfer of care to a physician. In the past two weeks I've had some doubting thoughts about being able to go into the deep relaxation of hypnobirthing (fueled by not practicing enough), but in the last few days I have given myself a check-up from the neck up and adjusted my attitude. I'm once again grooving with the positive birthing vibes.

I think a turning point for me happened on Sunday after a couple of days of running around trying to agree on some finishing details for a few projects in the house. I'd been feeling quite miserable after some *ahem* serious 'trying to agree' moments on Friday and realized that all this pressure to get things done before the Babe arrives is just not worth it. The stress was getting in the way of me enjoying these last couple of weeks with Hubby before Babe arrives. After all, her nursery is ready, our bedroom only needs a minor clean-up and we are good to go for bringing her home to at least have a place to lay her little head. Plus we scored a cool retro rocker off Craig's List for $50 on Saturday! So now I even have a place to breastfeed her upstairs!

On Sunday, I just slipped into a Zen place about the nesting, renovating, and finishing up my paperwork at the office. None of it really matters. It will be what it is and it doesn't mean her start in our family will be anything less than what it is meant to be - a joyful time.

So, today I look forward to our midwife and her new student coming to check us out in our home. I've already taken the banana muffins out of the freezer (made on Saturday). Post home-visit, I'm going for a pre-natal massage just around the corner. Lovely.


My folks have been off on a little road trip holiday in the States since last week. I can tell they are excited about the third grandchild's imminent arrival, as they've called us twice since they left. Our family never, ever calls each other while on holiday. Perhaps an email update here or there, but never, ever a phone call, let alone TWO phone calls.

Also, I rode my bike yesterday! While on my way to work, who should start to pass me but an old roommate. We peddled along together until the next traffic light. She told me she biked until she went into labour with her first baby! I can only hope!

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