Friday, September 12, 2008

Heavy Belly

This week I've noticed how heavy my belly is becoming. No matter what I am doing the baby belly has a certain heavy sensation. Sitting on the couch - heavy and full. Semi-sitting in bed - heavy. Laying in bed in any position - heavy and full. At work, in front of my desk - heavy. Waddling along to the bus or store - heavy. Waddling to the bathroom - very heavy and very full. My belly is getting so big and heavy I can hardly reach the keyboard of my laptop to write this! And forget about leaning forward to reach the laptop if it were on a table - ouch! More signs to me that Baby is getting ready to join us. I have an intuition that she will arrive before October 12.

In order to get organized for her arrival, I have written several lists. One list for errands and 'to-dos' for this weekend. This includes a lot of stuff for finishing projects around the house. Another list for items to get organized for labouring at home, going to the hospital, and the first week with baby at home. A third list of important things for Hubby and T (who is supporting us during labour) to know, plus reminders for Marvin and I such as calling the diaper service once Baby is here.

Wow! Describing my lists here makes me feel like a bit of a freak, but without those lists I couldn't remember anything I was supposed to buy or prepare. Major mush brain!

Update on sleep: This week my sleep has been almost normal! What's up with that?! This morning is the first time I've had to get out of bed early in over 5 days! A miracle!

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