Wednesday, June 13, 2007

knit-along, new projects & vacation plans

I'm on two weeks vacation. I started it with the TTC Knit-along last weekend. I don't have too much to say about it, other than I met some cool people, bought some luxurious Misti Cotton, and I finished my not-so-secret project (thank goodness!). My pics below. (check out flickr for TONS of great photos of the knit-along) Someone took a great picture of me and my not-so-secret project, but I shall not publish it until the secret is revealed to the appropriate persons.

Here is my latte from Alterknit - got to love the i deal coffee latte

Here are Melinda's Alterknit waffles. The waffles were a big hit with many of the gals.

After Alterknit, the Central team was off to Knit-o-matic. I walked along with Carol and Anu, since the weather was so amazing! Here is a picture of the portable project (another market bag) that I worked on when I was walking or on the TTC. The not-so-secret project required dedicated sitting time without other distractions.

Here is a great picture of me with my newly purchased Misti Cotton in light blue twist. This yarn is pure luxury - a cotton and silk blend! Two or three of the gals consulted with me and all purred about their love of the Misti Cotton.

Thanks to some comments on this picture on Facebook, the yarn is now known as the Muppet Cardigan. I've never touched a Muppet, but I if they are super soft, silky, and just a dream to run your fingers over, then this yarn is a cousin or half-sibling.

My sister commented that she thought I was holding a baby. That Misti Cotton is my baby! Right after I paid for it I asked Carol to take my picture. Last night at Stitch 'n Bitch at Knit-o-matic, I asked Haley to take a couple of pictures of the beginnings of the cardigan (Spiderweb Cardigan from Interweave Crochet Spring 2007). I'll post those later, although I had to rip those first few rows out due to my mis-reading the pattern.

After ripping out and re-starting, following the pattern very slowly and carefully, I still had problems with how the beginnings and endings of the rows build on each other. I'm also not sure if the first chain 3 on the foundation row is counted as a stitch. I've sent a friendly email off to Interweave to inquire.

I've also started a dressy T-shirt in Salmon Berry Red cotton fleece from Brown Sheep (the colour is not listed on their site). This pattern is straight forward so far and I'll work on that while I wait to hear back from Interweave.

Other vacation plans:

Hubby and I will be staying for two nights at Ganders Bed & Breakfast in Prince Edward County. I can't wait! We'll visit some local vineyards and potters' studios, play a few cribbage games by the water, and enjoy the jacuzzi in our room.

Hubby is off to Winnipeg for business for a couple of days next week as well. While he's gone I'll do some errands for the 40th birthday party I am planning for my sis and her hubby (their birthdays are a month apart this summer) and hopefully do some relaxing with a girlfriend.

I think there are some patio afternoons in my future too.


jacquieblackman said...

Nice recap!

I'll change the permissions on my flickr so you can download the picture. It was very nice to meet you and your not-so-secret project is beautiful!

jacquieblackman said...

Me again! Not trying to stalk you or anything...urrrr... but I wanted to let you know that Michelle took a great photo of you with you're not-so-secret project. Her flickr is here.