Monday, July 02, 2007

Lots of nice things

I've had a luxurious life recently. I've been able to do a lot of things I enjoy.

A dear, dear friend from BC stayed with us for two days. She's smart, funny, open, adventurous, and so easy to be around. I just love her! She wanted to learn crochet, so we parked ourselves at Knitomatic on Friday and I did a little teaching. She's off and running with Haley's grocery bag pattern and some Super 10 cotton!

We went to The Paper Place and I managed to spend only $5! That's a first! I bought a mini grab bag of paper ends. Can't wait to make some new collage cards!

Just down the street, we popped into Fresh Collective to pick up a T-shirt that Mandy was repairing for me. See Vacation Friday entry for more on Mandy and my love of her designs. I am now coveting one of her belts.

We had a lovely Mexican dinner on Baldwin Street at Margaritas with BC friend and two Toronto friends. The sangria and margaritas were flowing and the tacos were super messy! Not a good first date meal. Thank goodness I'm off the market. But, I digress. Baldwin Street is just such a lovely little piece of Toronto, especially on a warm summer night. It makes everything in life seem perfect. So, perfect that you don't want the evening to end. This led us to College Street for Big Chill ice cream - yum!

Hubby and I watched Pan's Labyrinth on Saturday night. Such a good movie! Last night we caught up on Entourage and watched this week's episode this morning. Thank you Roger's On Demand.

Sunday morning we brunched with our Sunday New York Times and tv writer friend at Cucina. It was pure Sunday morning luxury that lasted 4 hours.

I checked out Cafe Taste for the first time last night with some new friends. I like new friends and I like Cafe Taste.

I'm speeding right along on the Spiderweb Cardigan. Photo later this week - stay tuned!

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