Monday, July 09, 2007

top secret project revealed!

I am drinking beer and eating chili. I'm alone in the house. It's a perfect time to update the blog. This may be short and sweet because I want to get to the spiderweb cardigan tonight. (I've started the sleeves!)

So, first off, here are a couple of cute photos of me crocheting the top secret project (scroll down a bit in that older post)! I can finally show you since the big reveal happened on Saturday.

This is me at Alterknit working on the crocheted wrap. Tiny little clusters. The retro Vogue pattern calls them petals.

Here's Lucy (you can see my hair just beside her) showing off the wrap at a Blue Jays' game in late May. I've been working on the wrap since March and have taken almost everywhere.

When I started the project every row took about 25 minutes to complete. My friend Glenice can vouch for that, since I started it while bunking with her at Nottawasaga Inn for the annual work retreat. (I think I actually started it in the car on the way up there. I wasn't driving.) By the time I finished I had my time down to 17 minutes. I forgot to count how many rows I did, so I can't give you a grand total of hours. Next time I see my sis I'll take a peak at the wrap, do the calculations and report back.

Here's my sis opening the gift at her 40th birthday bbq (shared with her hubby, since they both turn 40 this summer).

Sis showing off the beautiful wrap! She loved it!

Something I learned from making this project: switch up your projects, especially if they are big like this one. I worked only on this wrap for months. My arm started aching from the repeated motion. I had to go to physio for a few weeks to recover!

Other photos from June:

Me in Prince Edward County for a wee vacation. Hubby and I had a lovely time tasting wines and eating good food.

Long Dog Vineyard & Winery. Beautiful place. Too bad it wasn't open. I'll just have to go back!

The library in Wellington. Hubby had to visit because he was jonesing for an email check. I love libraries and this one is so easy on the eyes!

Me and Janine! She visited from BC for a few days before going off to see the parentals and grandparentals in another city. We had a great time crocheting - see below! We spent almost an entire day at Knitomatic.

Janine is working on a practice swatch. She's already altering patterns! I can't wait to see what she comes up with on her own!

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H-Star said...

that wrap lloks fabulous on your sister! love it!